About Janine

“I am truly grateful everyday for saying “YES” to my own recovery & empowerment, from narcissistic abuse.”
For most of my life, I’ve been involved with narcissistic people or those that have narcissistic traits. I grew up as the scapegoat, meaning that anything and everything that went wrong, I was to blame for it. For the majority of my life I felt confused, less than worthy, and alone.
I developed what I thought was a superpower in pleasing others. I believed that if I could do things perfectly, that this combination would grant me the love I so desired. I couldn’t be more wrong. In the process, I lost every bit of me. I truly didn’t know what I liked and what I didn’t.
This was my wake-up call. I remember discovering the word ‘Narcissist’ for the first time. Suddenly several questionable moments and memories began to make sense. I realized for the first time that I wasn’t crazy or a flawed human being that couldn’t get anything right.

Finding an Empowered Life
When I came to understand this toxic dysfunctional narcissistic abuse, everything started to change. It gave me my power back. I didn’t have to just cope through life, and I didn’t have to live as a victim.
On the road to recovery, I learned that I am a special human being and deserved peace and a life I was happy living. I went from living under a dark cloud of narcissistic abuse to living life in full brilliant colour.
Let me share something with you. It takes time and commitment to break the programs, and it most certainly can be done. Yes, for you too. One step at a time is how you move forward. Sometimes it one forward, two backward. That’s ok, you will get there.
From this day forward, chase nothing but a better life. You deserve it. Peace, comfort, confidence, certainty, trust, compassion, self-love, self-worth has been my gain. I would love for you to be in this place alongside me.