I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to recover from Narcissistic Abuse. If any of these resources are helpful to you in your healing journey, then I am absolutely thrilled!

From Janine

International Best-Seller

“Rise Up and Defeat the Narcissist”
~ Janine Fulla ~

Contributing chapter

Written alongside some of the World’s Leading Transformational Experts.

Dr. Joe Vitale
Dr. John Demartini
Marci Shimoff
Christy Witman

Self-Awareness is key to recovery.

This 6-month guided Daily Empowerment Journal, written by Janine is designed to get you started on your recovery.

Discover what lies just under the surface when you look closer to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

It’s there you will find hidden answers to questions you have about your life and where your journey is taking you.

Breaking Old Parenting Patterns

Janine published this Best-Selling book,

“Parent to Parent”

A Personal Journey of Raising Extraordinary Children by Teaching Essential Life Skills.
Featured in the New York Book of Reviews
Magazine, and given a thumbs-up from Kirkus Reviews.

Janine is an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine 2023

Brainz Magazine publishes influential articles that inspire, educate, or motivate it’s readers.

Reaching over 300,000 people each week, spanning over 65 countries.

Navigating The Storm ~ Janine Fulla & Nanette Murphy


Narcissitic Abuse

Toxic Relationships

Valuable Resources

Running with a Covert Narcissist ~ produced by James Bonato

This is a compilation of three stories directly affected by covert narcissism.

Divorcing your Narcissist

~ Tracy Malone

An informative read and everything you need to know to guide you through the minefield of a high-conflict divorce.

Meet some amazing people I know doing amazing things that may help you.

Nanette Murphy ~

Certified Divorce Coach – Detroit, MI

Stacey Mendelson ~

High-Conflict Divorce Coach - Canada